Savoia Americano Rosso

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Savoia Americano Rosso

50cl | 18.6% ABV | Italy

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Savoia Americano is a bittersweet Aperitivo made with oak-aged D.O.C. Marsala Fino wine. It is intended as being a mid-point between Italian bitters and rosso vermouths.

Bittersweet with rich orange and grapefruit notes upfront alongside ripe cherry and strawberry. Herbal rosemary adds depth before the bitter gentian and warming quassia takes over the finish.

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Savoia is made in Turin with 20 botanicals, including artemisia, rhubarb and gentian root, on a blend of Trebbiano (Ugni Blanc) and a 14-month oak-aged DOC Marsala Fino. These are extracted using maceration, distillation and cold-extraction.

Initially launched in September 2021 - Savoia Americano Rosso is the creation of Giuseppe Gallo (the drinks entrepreneur behind Italicus).

Named after the Royal House of Savoia, the brand pays homage to the royal family's role in both popularising vermouth and the unification of Italy in 1861.

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