Seppeltsfield Road Barossa Dry Gin

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Seppeltsfield Road Barossa Dry Gin

50cl | 41.5% ABV | Australia

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Seppeltsfield Road Distillers' Barossa adaptation of the classic ‘London Dry’ style gin, brings notes of juniper, citrus, pink peppercorns & lavender to create a gin that is bright, complex and overall delicious.

As a G&T, this spirit is perfectly paired with Indian Tonic and a twist of fresh grapefruit peel. Alternatively, keep it classic with a Dry Martini served with a lemon twist.

Key Flavours

"The gem in the trio of Seppeltfield Gins in my opinion their best gin to date. The juniper is clear, followed by a warming nip of pink pepper."

About this product

Using their glorious copper pot still and a grape neutral spirit, a combination of steeping and vapour infusion is used to extract flavours from the botanicals.

Seppeltsfield Road Distillers is the brain-child of the gin-loving, husband and wife duo, Jon (a passionate gin geek) and Nicole Durdin (a talented musician and ex-police officer). They were named Australian Gin Distiller of the Year in 2018.

Seppeltsfield Road Distillers are based (and named after) the picturesque, palm-lined stretch of road in the heart of the Barossa, South Australia. The gins they make all reflect the regions botanical landscape and wine heritage.

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Customer Reviews

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    Excellent gin of great flavour.

    Posted by Paul Heavens on 8 Jul 2022

    Although I wouldn’t considered myself an expert, I am a gin lover and usually have at least 10 different gins at home. Seppeltfield Road Barossa is definitely one of the best gins that I have tried in past months. It has similarities with Cotswold Gin, another good gin and shares Cotswolds slight cloudiness especially once ice and tonic are added. A great gin, on my (very select) list of gins to become regulars in my collection.

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