Siren's Call Caribbean Spiced Rum

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Siren's Call Caribbean Spiced Rum

70cl | 37.5% ABV | Jamaica

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Siren's Call is a delicious ode to the spirited rum runners who rewrote their fate after being lured into the treacherous shallows.

Expect ginger and a blend of exotic spices (cinnamon and allspice), with notes of caramel and a hint of tropical fruit. Sirens Call is delicious neat or in a spiced Mojito.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

A blend of heavy pot-stilled Jamaican Rums that have been barrel-aged, Siren's Call is infused with Ginger, vanilla and other exotic spices before being bottled at 37.5% ABV.

Siren's Call is the first brand creation from UK based drinks distributor, Mangrove. Mangrove was created by John Coe and Nick Gillett in a desire to nurture a portfolio of specialist spirits and liqueurs.

The exact rum that is used as a base is undisclosed so not possible for us to fact check, so too is where it is bottled, although we're been told that it's a Jamaican rum base. Mangrove are headquartered in Essex.

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