Green Island Spiced Gold Rum

Green Island Spiced Gold Rum

70cl | 37.5% ABV | Mauritius

Green Island Spiced Gold Rum is a treat. Based in Mauritius (on the original spice route), it's a great rum to choose for those who like cooked citrus and punchy cinnamon and cloves.

With vanilla and cinnamon on the nose and ginger and cloves on the palate, Green Island Spiced Gold Rum is great in a spiced Mojito.

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About this product

It's made using a molasses-based rum, distilled using a four column process and flavoured with herbs and spices.

Originally Gilbeys (Mauritius) Ltd, the distillery now operates as International Distillers Mauritius Ltd. In 2000, the distillery was acquired by New Goodwill Investment Group and EUDCOS (an associate company of Medine Sugar Estate Group).

Mauritius has an interesting place in rum heritage as it's one of the few islands where both rum made from molasses and rhum agricole (made from free-run sugar cane juice) are made.

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