Suze Liqueur

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Suze Liqueur

70cl | 20% ABV | France

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For generations, Suze has been renowned for its aromatic complexity and subtle balance between fresh gentian, soft citrus and herbal extracts. A fantastic digestif.

Suze is bittersweet to taste, with perfumed citrus and herbal vegetal notes throughout. Similar to Ricola Sweets. It can be served long with tonic and lots of ice, but also works if you add just a splash into an otherwise classic G&T.

Key Flavours

"I have a love hate relationship with Suze, yet it remains a staple on my shelves, when matched with a big bold white vermouth it can make a magical Americano and is essential if you want a white negroni with a proper bitter bite."

About this product

Suze starts with both farmed and wild gentian that is washed, cut and left to macerate in alcohol for at least a year. This is distilled along with other botanicals and then blended with more ingredients, before being sweetened & bottled.

In 1885, Fernand Moureaux inherited a family distillery in Maisons-Alfort. In order to rescue it from bankruptcy, he joined forces with Henri Porte, his bank manager's son, to create a new aperitif using a bitter-rooted alpine plant — gentian!

Suze is synonymous with the region of Thuir in southern France, since 1890's. Still to this day, it is made using wild yellow gentian from Auvergne and alpine botanicals, while its parent company Pernod Ricard is also a French institution.

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