Toti Famous Five White Rum

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Toti Famous Five White Rum

70cl | 38% ABV | Trinidad and Tobago

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A great white rum with sustainable intentions at its core. It's named after the creole word for turtle, Toti, while the 'Famous Five' is a nod to the origins of the rums in the blend.

With intense fragrant notes of banana, pineapple & vanilla, Toti is at its best in tropical cocktails that highlight its coconut and fresh nature.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

A multi-island master-blend of the two main rum making traditions; “Agricole” rum and Molasses rum - this is a blend sourced from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana & The Dominican Republic.

Just over half of Toti Famous Five White is a fresh, single estate, “Agricole” rum from the Dominican Republic. This is blended founder Mark Douglas Hill and Dutch rum maestro Hein Smit.

Toti is a sustainably produced Caribbean rum, created by the Sustainable Spirit Company who donate 15% of profits to marine conservation - protecting turtles and the seas they swim in.

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