Zeiver Gin

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Zeiver Gin

70cl | 47% ABV | England

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A great gin for those who enjoy unconventional flavours and want to try something different. We like to add soda and a slice of apricot in ours, but it also makes for a fantastic Martini when served straight from the freezer.

Delicate aromas of citrus (grapefruit, lime) on the nose. To taste fruity cherry peach and apple surround a herbal core, with a long peppery finish. The base is noticeable throughout, so too is the full texture.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit

About this product

Zeiver is made from a rice base spirit, made from scratch at the distillery. Once the base has been created, it is redistilled with botanicals such as juniper, peach, pistachio, aloe vera, apple, cherry, lime, macadamia and grapefruit.

Zeiver was developed by James Bilson and Clayton Patterson in collaboration with Dr John Walters, the founder and distiller at The English Spirit Distillery. It launched in 2020.

Zeiver is made under contract at The English Spirit Distillery.

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