Barsol "Puro Italia" Pisco

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Barsol "Puro Italia" Pisco

70cl | 41.3% ABV | Peru

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Barsol "Puro Italia" is a single grape varietal Pisco that 's crafted in small batches and estate bottled. We regard BarSol as one of the ultimate artisanal Piscos from Peru.

Extremely complex aromas with the grapes lending honeysuckle, rose and hibiscus florals and a backdrop of citrussy tropical fruit. To taste tropical fruit is more developed (guava, passion fruit, melon, honey dew, pineapple).

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

Barsol is distilled to bottle proof where neither water nor other ingredients are added to distillate. It is a very pure expression of the grape juice, meaning that base has to be fermented into a perfect wine before it is distilled.

The Bodega San Isidro was bought and revived in 2002 by Carlos Ferreyros and Diego Loret de Mola, who united over a vision to bring to every "bar" in the world the ultimate pisco produced under the "sol" of Ica, thus the BarSol.

The historic Bodega San Isidro is located in the southern extremes of the Ica Valley pisco grape growing region. Steeped in history, the estate was founded in the 1800s however, the oldest surviving documents "only" date back to 1919.

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