Citrus Celebrations

Citrus Celebrations

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 1 May 2023

Welcome to a new month, and another grand unveiling of Spirits Kiosk's new monthly theme that will zest up your life and make your taste buds tingle with excitement.

This May, we're all about CITRUS CELEBRATIONS!

Why citrus, you ask? Well, not only are these colourful fruits the life of the party, but they also happen to be the secret ingredient in many of our favourite cocktails and spirits.

So, buckle up, and let's embark on a tangy adventure covering cocktails, infusions and naturally zesty flavours that will have you rekindling your love affair with everything citrusy.

Zesty citrus cocktail

A Citrus twist away from the classic cocktails

From the humble lemon wedge to the fancy orange twist, citrus has always played a starring role in our favourite cocktails. And with good reason! A well-dosed citrus zing can elevate a drink from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Long gone are the days of a tired ‘ice and slice’ everything approach to garnishing too – from highballs, G&T’s and Spritzes origami-styled peels are now adorning drinks at home and in bars. No need to see pictures of the Met Gala to see an ostentatious and bright display, although, we'll be the first to double tap on a thread of Pedro Pascal dressed as Garnishes. 

For this month’s cocktail suggestions, we’ve stepped beyond the obvious citrusy concoctions. Gin Gimlets, Rum based Daiquiris or the MargaritaPalomaTequila Sunrise recipes that add a citrusy edge to Tequila…

No, instead we'll be diving deep into the world of Rickeys and Collins by exploring the subtle yet oh-so-refreshing differences between these delightful concoctions. Next, we'll whisk you away to a sweet, tangy paradise with the ever-popular Lemon Drop - revealing the secrets of this lip-smackingly good cocktail.

We’ve had our zesty May planned for a few months already, but it seems like we got our timing just right, as the Lemon Drop is TRENDING! We’ll explore the reasons why and how to make yours a cut above the rest.

Finally, we'll transport you across the pond to discover the charms of the English Garden, a delightful blend of gin, elderflower and citrus that'll have you dreaming of idyllic countryside picnics. The cocktail is not just great for those who love a harmony of sweet and sour, but a fitting way to sip through two of the month’s bank holidays…

So stay tuned for three upcoming blogs that'll have you shaking, stirring, and garnishing like a pro!

Perfect lime peel in Gin and tonic

Naturally citrusy spirits

For those who prefer to stick to their usual ways of drinking, we’ve got a raft of suggestions for naturally citrusy variations on established spirits. Simply browse around the site and you'll find banners featuring some of our favourites.

Take Jameson Orange, or Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle. Both appeal to Whisky and Gin drinkers respectfully, but the added zing gives them an edge that’s as uplifting as the Spring weather setting in all around us.

We've also highlighted the joys of some of the brightest citrus bitters like Pampelle and Hotel Starlino’s Arancione (and show you how to tame them into tasty drinks) and look at the ways the No & Lo category has used citrus to stunning effect via the likes of Caleño and Crossip.

Over on our Insta, we'll be stopping by the holy trinity of citrus based liqueurs, Limoncello, Triple Sec and Curacao. Not only will we answer just what makes each genre unique, we’ll peel back the nuances of various brands and how you can harness them when you make your drinks at home.

Citrus Squeezed into cocktail

As always with our monthly themes, we’ll have some long form editorial running in parallel over on Spirits Beacon. How to make your own Oleo-saccharum, a reverse garnish guide for gin lovers and more are some of the insightful articles that await…

So, dear readers, prepare to embark on a zesty journey like no other. 

With our citrus theme, we promise you'll never look at a humble peel or a simple slice in the same way again. Stay tuned, the zest is yet to come!