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70cl | 45% ABV | France

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Ricard is a famed pastis (perhaps even the original) with strong liquorice and aniseed flavours. It's the very definition of a French classic and the ultimate taste of the Mediterranean.

With big notes of green anise, fennel and liquorice root - there's a pungent anise on the nose and a ‘rooty’ sweetness of liquorice. The bitter-sweet finish is herbal and slightly menthol-like. Delicious when diluted with very cold water.

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About this product

Ricard is made by placing botanicals in a percolator through which alcohol is forced under pressure. This process is used to extract flavours of eight different Provence herbs. They are then blended with more alcohol, sugar and caramel.

Ricard dates back to 1932 when a 22 year-old Paul Ricard established a firm in Marseille to produce and market what he called Pastis. Today it is part of the French drinks powerhouse, Pernod Ricard.

While Ricard is still technically based in Marseille, production now takes place in Bessan, southern France, while blending and bottling also takes place in Bordeaux and Lille at other Pernod Ricard sites.

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