Xeco Fino Sherry

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Xeco Fino Sherry

50cl | 15% ABV | Spain

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Proving that Sherry should never be considered "just a grannies drink", Xeco Fino Sherry (pronounced ‘ZECKO) is a deliciously fresh a vibrant Sherry made from the Palomino Fino grape variety.

Xeco Fino sherry has a uniquely dry and savoury quality that works brilliantly with all sorts of food - from olives, to sushi, to fish and chips. Perfect as an aperitif (serve chilled ot mix with tonic) or with a light, delicate starter.

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Using the famesd Jerez solera system, xeco fino has been aged in American Oak barrels for four years at the historical bodega Díez Mérito (which laid down its soleras in 1876).

Xeco is the brain-child of three 30-something 'fino fiends' and drink industry veterans - Beanie, Alexa and Polly. To create their vision, they teamed up with a magnificent Bodega that has been producing Sherry wines since 1876

The ‘Sherry Triangle’ was the first region in Spain to be awarded Denomination of Origin. The region’s soil and climate is famed for Sherry making and steeped in centuries of heritage. This history is now being reimagined for a new generation.

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