Valentine's Inspiration

Valentine's Inspiration

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 6 Feb 2021

Browsing around for inspiration on Valentine's Gifts? You've come to the right place! We've put together a list of ideas ranging from the pretty in pink, to the aptly named for lovers looking for the perfect gift.

Firstly, with the world tuning PINK in the lead-up to Valentines, we felt it was important to remind everyone that pink drinks don’t have to be gimmicky and laden with sugar. If you are plumping up for a Pink drink, here’s a few that show you how to do it with panache…

Belsazaar Rosé

Aperitifs offer some of the best pink tinted tipples that combine bright and accessible flavours with complex layering. Whether you are making a Negroni or a Spritz, Rosé vermouths can provide just the ticket to compliment floral gins or add a lighter touch and lend a more refreshing profile. Try Belsazar Rosé Vermouth for a dose of pink grapefruit, Seville orange and orange blossom with a raspberry and redcurrant finish.

Not everything is created equal in the world of Pink Gin. Finding the right combination of fruity flavours followed by a sturdy backbone of juniper and other botanicals can be tricky. Three of the best are Bullard’s Strawberry and Black Pepper, which combines fruit and spice in a complex profile, while Salcombe’s Rosé Sainte Marie adds blossom, herbs and a sense of South of France to its strawberry kissed Gin. If you are looking for an indulgent treat, take a look at Warner’s Raspberry Gin, which is ripe, vibrant and jammy.

Codigo Rosa Tequila

One of the few pink Tequila’s comes from Código, with their Rosa Tequila. They don’t infuse theirs, it derives its colour from being rested for one month in un-charred wine barrels that previously contained Napa Valley Cabernet. The result, Codigo Rosa Tequila, is floral and citrussy with a pink hue, but that has plenty of agave coming through - perfect for a Paloma or two…

Hayman's Sloe

Not so much Pink but still ruby red, there are always a few trusty classics you can rely on to deliver the message this February. Sloe Gins can offer some of the best winter sipping available as you can drink it neat as an indulgent treat or enjoy it with some fizzy elderflower cordial and you’ve got a tasty tipple either way. We love Hayman’s Sloe Gin with its plummy aromas, hints of almond and delicious fruity notes. Not too sweet, not too tart with the underlying gin coming through – delicious!

Amores Espadin

Not so bothered by the idea of finding something pinkish but  still want a tenuous link as an excuse to top up? Get set for Mezcal Amores Espadin - an aptly named labour of love from field to bottle. It's made on slopes that are over 5,000 feet above sea level, making it harder to grow and cultivate. The reward for their perseverance is a subtly perfumed nose with a nice touch of bergamot and blossom, which continue to unfold with every sip, giving way to a touch of sandal wood and underlying sweetness.

Four Roses Whiskey line up

A bouquet of Roses is always kindly received on Valentine’s, but who said you had to be literal - Why not pick a bunch from Kentucky and share a glass of Bourbon together instead? Four Roses Single Barrel perfect for Old Fashioned’s, the Yellow Label ideal for those who like a fruity and floral flourish, and their Small Batch has a well-rounded fruity and spicy mix, with a wonderfully smooth finish.

Don’t forget, if you are sending a bottle to someone special, add a note to say how you feel. You can be as anonymous as you like but life’s too short for unrequited love - so our advice is to be brave and go big, you never know what might happen…