World Martini Day Pairings

World Martini Day Pairings

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 10 Jun 2021

World Martini Day is nearly upon us!

At first glance, Martinis are deceptively simple. Look closer though and you’ll find that the search for an impeccably made Martini combines cocktail making skills, pairing the right gin to vermouth, carefully choosing glassware and accentuating the drink with a precise garnish. They may not be hard to make, but Martinis are an endless source of tinkering to fine tune into perfection.

For those looking to make a few here are some suggestions for which gin and vermouth to splash together next Saturday, here are some of our favourite combinations…

Dartmouth English Gin & CUCIELO Dry

If you like a traditional tipple, try combing four parts Dartmouth English Gin with 1 part CUCIELO Dry and a zest of grapefruit.

Our Gin Curator, Olivier Ward, says of the pairing; “It’s no surprise that a classic Vermouth goes well with London Dry Gin. The vermouth’s herbal notes with hints of chamomile seem to work best against a gin that showcases clear citrus, herb and spice flavour journey, especially when that’s grapefruit, resinous juniper and warming grains of paradise in the likes of Dartmouth English Gin.”

Sacred Amber Vermouth & Hernö Gin

Perhaps you are beginning your pairing knowing which vermouth you like and are searching for the ideal gin to partner it with. One of our most popular vermouths is the Sacred Amber and with its history rooted in Duke’s Bar and Ian Fleming’s writing, an apt choice for a World Martini Day celebration.

Our Aperitif Curator, Sara Jane Eichler, has a suggestion for it; “I adore the Sacred Amber Vermouth with Hernö Organic Gin, the subtle sweet fruitiness of the gin married with the spiced orangey richness of the vermouth make it almost Breakfast martini-ish. Perfect if you like big flavours with a little sweetness and a juniper heart.”.

Four Pillars & Regal Rogue Lively White

Given it will be World Martini Day, why not toast makers on the other side of the globe with an all-Australian affair. Serve 50ml of Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin with 10ml Regal Rogue Lively White.

Olivier explains; “Lemon myrtle in both acts as a bridge between the gin and the vermouth and helps the flavours marry into more than the sum of its parts. No need for a citrus garnish as there’s plenty in both the vermouth and the gin. That said, try rosemary sprig if you want to add a herbal touch.”.

Asterley Bros & Manchester Wild Spirit Gin

What about a combination that brings a sense of the season into the cocktail? With its bright floral aromas, Asterley Bros’ offering is well suited to the occasion.

As to which gin to accompany it? “It works beautifully with Manchester Wild Spirit Gin.” says Sara Jane. “The heady floral notes and bright citrus in the vermouth add an extra layer of complexity to the herbaceous heart of the citrus free gin - the Martini is like a summer afternoon walk through an English garden.”

If you raise a toast, be sure to let us know and share the love on Insta using the Hashtag #WorldMartiniDay