Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Spirits Kiosk on 7 Feb 2023

Valentine’s Day. You can’t miss it. Mainly because everything from WHSmith’s to Sainsbury’s is emphatically adorned in bountiful pink bouquets, personalised candles and absolutely anything heart shaped.

With the Feast of Saint Valentine’s not too far gone from Christmas, we’re sure that no one needs another pair of socks (even if it’s embellished with your partner’s face) nor a box of M&S chocolates…

So, what’s our stance this Valentine’s Day? We say just have a drink at home. Seriously – say I love you with a cocktail and just chill. It’s a Tuesday night.

If you do and you are interested to bring on the cheese for the occasion, we just ask one thing.

Choose something to sip, savour and genuinely enjoy. You can still lean into the typical sweetheart novelties but consider picking something that will MAKE the night and the month after. Dodge the excessively candied gimmicks, the once-only drinks and pick up something memorable. You won’t neck a bottle of spirits in one night so the chances are it’ll be on the shelf for the next few weeks, meaning it’ll be a gift that keeps on giving if you do.

Here are a few of spirited ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day at Spirits Kiosk

GIN for Valentine's Day

First things first, let’s address the tsunami of Pink Gin and guide to the good ones. Here are four great gins – they just so happen to be the right shade for the occasion.

For those looking for a standout and authentically fresh Pink Gin, Mermaid Pink infuses the flavour and aromatics of island strawberries with the smooth yet complex taste of the distillery’s iconic flagship.

Fans of Pink Gin will love the taste of fresh ingredients – and the no added sugar helps make this worthwhile. No sweetened nonsense, just simply bright fruity notes all around.

Sticking with the push for berries to make you blush, Warner’s Raspberry Gin is ideal for those who love a Flavoured Gin with a rose-tinted hue, as well as those who are firm traditionalists. For us, there’s an unparalleled clarity of flavour that shines bright in a killer Bramble and it remains one of the best fruit gins out there.

You may have noticed that citrus has overtaken berries for the beloved top spot of the nation’s favourite style Flavoured Gin. That doesn’t mean it’s not pink though…

The Lakes Pink Grapefruit Gin does just that. Distinctively zesty pink grapefruit vigour charms the senses at first sight, but the underlying herbal note of juniper reintroduces some light-hearted indulgence. Deliciously straightforward with no strings attached.

Now for the Italian Stallion of citrus forward Pink Gin and one that is a truly elegant offering. Malfy Gin Rosa stands as a radiant serve of Sicilian citrus for a crisp and clean G&T. Consider a bottling of pink grapefruit, soft rhubarb, and a gentle green splash of herbal juniper to kick off the night.

Butterfly Cannon Rosa


Did you know that National Margarita Day is the week after valentines? Did you also know that you can get both either a pink coloured tequila, or one that changes from blue to pink when mixed. Yes. If you are looking for a gift that surprises the eye and delights the senses for one occasion AND sets you up for a follow up Margs-fuelled affair on the 22nd Feb - Butterfly Cannon is for you.

Our pick is their Pink Grapefruit infused tequila. You'll find sweet and tart citrus flavours (in particular a distinct grapefruit zing) backed with a herbal agave taste.

Spirited Union Rum

RUM ideas for Valentine's Day

If you move away from the stereotypical colour constraints of the holiday – you can look at some other kinds of gifts fit for discerning palates.

Without a doubt, boxes of chocolates will be flying through the checkouts for a last-minute dash of affection. Take this as your sign to get prepared and turn it up a notch with some chocolate infused Rums.

Made from scratch in Cornwall, Rosemullion Chocolate Rum is one to see through the evening with added layers of intricacy. Big on cacao, the full spectrum of chocolate is on offer with an intimate side of dried fruit and dark cherry.

Alternatively, consider a lighter styled rum with Copalli. White rum meets chocolatey cacao, ready for an evening of rum-based twists on Espresso Martinis and Mint Chocolate Juleps. Which, incidentally, is your date night theme also now sorted – you’re welcome.

For those sticking with mindful drinking this month – take this as a chance to treat your loved ones with a step up from their usual guilty pleasures. Way lower in sweeteners than many Aluna Coconut Rum is a sublime blend of rums with all-natural toasted coconut and pure coconut water.

Last but not least, how about a union of rum for two kindred spirits? We are stretching it now, aren’t we? Fine, but does taste good and if this is the excuse you need to add it to your shelf – USE IT.

Spirited Union’s Pink Grapefruit & Rose Rum is delicious. No artificial flavours, no colourings, or sweeteners, this is just a full, vibrant and refreshing rum bouquet of botanicals. Great with Tonic and delivers exactly what it says on the label – zesty grapefruit, floral rose and light rum undertones.

Whisky Bottles for Valentine's


Whisky has been synonymous with the archetypal solution to brisk winter nights, yuletide indulgence and a quick fix to the forgotten Father’s Day gift. But we say no more! Break the shackles and say it after us; Whisky is for everyone, at anytime.

If your partner is a fiend for a daring dram then it only makes sense to treat them with respect. So, screw the organic bouquet and go for Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon instead. Flowers will die in a week anyway. This IWSC Gold Medal Winner is a well-rounded, fruity, spiced and wonderfully smooth expression. Who said men don’t deserve flowers?

On the topic of spice, let’s heat things up a bit more. Not like that. Keep those thoughts to yourself. A hybrid American Whiskey meets a habanero chilli spirit – The Horse with No Name is as exciting and unique as it looks. Expect a spicy bourbon over all but note that the chilli distillate adds more of a fruity note and not a piquant hit. We’ll leave that one up to you.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something to wind down the night with and need a more decadent ‘after dinner’ whisky, consider The Lakes The One Sherry Cask Finish. In a simple serve you can savour all the delicacies of Valentine’s Day in one. The One. Enticing aromas of dates, sun-dried raisins, Macadamia nuts, dark chocolate, and gentle smoke leaves for a long warming finish.

Discarded Vodka


For those shopping for that romanticised moment a glass of rosé can bring to any occasion – think again, but with Vodka! 06 Vodka cleverly transforms Provence Rosé into a delicately floral spirit, housed in an audacious design. Simply beautiful.

Or if Rosé isn’t ‘the one’, Discarded Chardonnay Vodka is a crisp, clean alternative with aromas of fresh apple and lychee.

Deciding on what to gift is a task in itself, but what to do is another matter. If you’re taking things slow this Valentine’s Day and need a simple solution to date night, consider making a Vodka Martini paired with cheese. Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka is exceptionally smooth with a unique creamy character. With the right pairing of cheese to highlight its mineral and peppery finish, you’ll be head over heels and hopefully for each other too!

Black Cow Vodka


For those wanting to take it easy, think of Copenhagen’s Organic Sparkling Tea as a non-alcoholic version of a sparkling rosé. It blew our socks off – finally a real non-boozy alternative with balance and complexity. A Valentine’s Day you’ll be able to remember!

And unlike many no and low options out on the town, Copenhagen makes sure to give you a whole range of fresh and lively bubbles for that cosy night in.